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Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a broad term that encompasses the many different processes required for the general upkeep of a roof over its normal functional life cycle. Most of us understand that our automobile has general requirements for regular maintenance that has to be performed. In fact, if these requirements are not met, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty attached to the vehicle. The same can be said for your roof.

One might say that this is not apples to apples, because the stresses on a vehicle are far greater with the movement and heat created constantly. This would be true. But, it is important to consider that you roof does endure movement constantly, and take it from a roofer, roofs are some of the hottest places around, due to the direct exposure to the sun and heat absorbent materials used. Thermal cycling is a natural process of a hot environment changing to a cold one at night. Canada has some of the most extreme temperature fluctuations in the world. When our roofing materials get hot, they expand and become soft, and when they get cold, they shrink and get brittle. The cumulative effect over the years can cause stresses and cracks in the products, which are fastened together and expand at different rates.

In addition, water is constantly assaulting the products and washing away essential oils and protective coatings little by little. Caulking around pipes breaks down from UV exposure, scratched metal rusts, exposed nails become holes, gable ends sag, and protective granules wash away.

If the responsible roofer can identify problem areas in a generally sound roof before they cause damage to the balance of the roof, a day's work can potentially save -or at least delay- thousands of dollars in replacement costs. However, an accurate life cycle cost analysis should be performed for any large roof repair scope to determine whether the cost per year of doing the repair will at least match that of re-roofing.

In addition to this sound reasoning for having your roof inspected every year, each and every roof in BC has a finite amount of routine maintenance and cleaning that needs to be completed. It is true that some cost savings can be realized by hiring independent gutter cleaners, independent roof cleaners, independent roof inspectors, and an independent roofer if needed. However, the two former options are typically not Red Seal Certified, as we are, and have been known to unwittingly cause damage or take valuable years off the life of the roof. For your roof maintenance and inspections you should hire a qualified and reputable roofer who will catch mistakes and defects, and will take care in preserving your roof for years to come.

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